Think Green, Act Green

ZEMMLER® is not only a pioneer in the field of innovative machinery, but also a committed leader in environmental protection. With the slogan “In green mission”, we not only express our vision, but also put it into practice every day.

Sustainable Packaging Material

Many companies generate a significant amount of cardboard waste through shipping goods and other packaging processes. It is impotant to pay special attention to this waste management, and that’s exactly what we do at Zemmler.

Our goal is to minimize packaging materials to a necessary minimum. We strongly focus on reusing packaging materials. Why buy new cardboard boxes when they can be used safely and effectively multiple times? Less waste means more responsibility towards our environment.

By prioritizing the use of 100% recycled shipping boxes, we contribute to reducing the amount of newly produced cardboard materials. Every box we reuse means less raw material consumption and less energy required for producing new boxes. It’s not just about the amount of waste avoided, but also about reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of new cardboard packaging. This resource-efficient approach contributes to reducing negative environmental impacts.

Innovative Technology

Our machines are not only powerful, but also designed sustainably. Since the founding of the company in 2000, we have been focusing on electric or hybrid models in all product lines. Series such as the MS 1000, MS 1600, and MS 3200 are manufactured with electric drive as standard. As purely electric machines primarily used in urban areas, they minimize the CO2 footprint and reduce environmental impacts. All other series are optionally available as electric or diesel-electric hybrid variants.


Paperless Office

ZEMMLER® is on the way to becoming a paperless operation. This transformation not only enables efficient management but also reduces the ecological footprint of our office operations. The reduction in paper consumption contributes directly and positively to the protection and preservation of our forests.

Zemmler Siebanlagen Produktionsstandort

Photovoltaics for green energy generation

To further minimize the environmental impact, a photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof of our production hall for many years. By generating solar power, we are making a significant contribution to promoting renewable energy sources.