Zemmler double trommel screening machines

The double trommel technology

The double trommel technology allows the screening of 3 fractions in just one operation. By using wire screens, which can be stretched around the inner and outer trommel, a sharp separation and a clean screening of the individual fractions, fine fraction, middle fraction and coarse fraction, is achieved.

Doppelsiebtrommel – Doppeltrommel-Siebanlage – Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH

3 Fractions in one single step


Screening into three fractions with our double trommel screening machines

The double trommel consists of a stable and robust inner trommel that screens out coarse material and keeps it back from the outer screen. The outer trommel is covered by wire screen linings and separates the fine fraction from the middle fraction. The middle fraction is screened between the inner and outer trommel. Both the inner and the outer trommel can be fitted with screen coverings. The double trommel design allows the inner trommel to screen 75/80 x 170 mm even without screen linings. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Wire Screens

Various mesh sizes and shapes, such as square, harp or long meshes, ensure flexibility and individual adaptation to the respective screening requirements.

Depending on the material properties, wire thicknesses from 2 to 6 mm can be used.

The screen linings are light, compact and can be carried effortlessly to the place of use.


In contrast to the frequently used perforated plate trommels, it is not necessary to replace the entire trommel when changing the screen.

The screens can easily be changed within one hour using standard tools.

Low purchase costs of about one tenth compared to the purchase of a complete trommel unit are also advantageous.

3 Fractions

Fine fraction:
Mesh width selectable 2 - 80 mm

Middle fraction:
Mesh width selectable 2 - 80 mm or standard 75/80 x 170 mm

Coarse fraction:
Depending on the mesh size of the middle fraction or larger than 170 mm as standard

Setting up the mobile screening plant

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