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Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH: Screening into 3 fractions thanks to double trommel technology

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Topsoil, humus, compost or mulch seven? Screening machines for gardening and landscaping


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Soil, sand, gravel, stones, compost, green waste, wood chips, construction waste, EBS, slag, coal, glass? Suitable screening machines for big and small challenges

3 fractions in one step



The double trommel consists of a robust inner trommel that separates coarse material. The outer trommel separates the fine fraction from the intermediate fraction. Both can be fitted with screen coverings. 

Zemmler Siebanlagen – semi-mobile double trommel screening machine


The wire screen coverings ensure flexibility and individual adaptation to your screen requirements. Various mesh sizes and shapes are available. They are lightweight, compact and can easily be transported.

Zemmler Siebanlagen – wire screens for trommel screening machine

Screen change.

With little effort, the mesh width of the inner and outer trommel can be precisely matched to the material to be screened. Expensive replacement trommels are not necessary.

Zemmler Siebanlagen – double trommel screening machine with wire screens

3 Fractions

Fine fraction:
2 – 80 mm

Middle fraction:
2 – 80 mm or
Standard 75/80 x 170 mm

Coarse fraction:
depending on the middle fraction or as standard > 170 mm

Zemmler Siebanlagen – screening into 3 fractions with our double trommel screening machine

Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH: Mobile Screening machines

Portfolio of mobile Screening machines

MS 1000

Our smallest

Capacity: up to 20 m³/h
Screening surface: 3 m²
Weight: max. 1.800 kg

MS 1600

Our small one

Capacity: up to 30 m³/h
Screening surface: 12 m²
Weight: max. 3.500 kg

MS 3200

Our Compact one

Capacity:  up to 60 m³/h
Screening surface: 18 m²
Weightt: max. 7.500 kg

MS 4200


Capacity: up to 120 m³/h
Screening surface: 32 m²
Weight: ca. 13.500 kg

MS 5200

The big one

Capacity: up to 150 m³/h
Screening surface: 47 m²
Weight: ca. 14.500 kg

MS 6700

The fully professional one

Capacity: bis 180 m³/h
Screening surface: 63 m²
Weight: ca. 18.000 kg

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Double trommel screening machines – Location

Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH is a manufacturer of mobile and stationary double trommel screening machines. The company was founded in 2000. Within a few years a flourishing company has grown from a one-man business. In cooperation with our customers and partners, we have constantly expanded and optimized our product and service portfolio. Innovative, flexible and customized - that is our motto. This allows us to always offer solutions that are precisely tailored to our customers' requirements.

The Zemmler screening machines are completely produced in our very own factory. In addition to the sale and rental of new and used screening machines, we also offer a repair and 24-hour spare parts service to our customers.

Our MULTI SCREEN® screening machines are used in the most diverse areas. Thanks to the proven double trommel technology, a wide variety of materials can easily be screened. This technology enables screening into three fractions in one single operation. Replaceable wire screen coverings ensure perfect adaptation to individual screening requirements.

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