The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 3200-ST is particularly suitable for applications in landscaping and soil preparation due to its compact dimensions in combination with its efficiency. As with the other MULTI SCREEN screening machines, the proven double trommel technology is used for this type. By attaching an optional slip-on ring, screening in three fractions is possible.

Eventually, separation is performed by using wire screen coverings which are stretched around the inner and outer trommel which can easily be replaced at any time according to the screening requirements. The wire screens enable a sharp separation and clean sorting of the individual fractions.

(depending on the material)
5 – 60 m³/h

elektric (Connected load 32A)

 Double trommel
Screening surface: 8,1 m² inner trommel, 10,0 m² outer trommel
Outer diameter: 1.300 mm
Trommel length: 3.040 mm/3.940 mm

 Wire screens
interchangeable, meshes from 2 to 80 mm
screen mesh inner trommel: 75×170 mm (standard)

2 fractions
optional 3rd fraction via slip-on ring

(depending on the equipment)
max. 2.500 kg

 Transport dimensions (L x W x H)
 4.600 x 1.600 x 2.500 mm






 Green cuttings

 Recycling material


 Construction waste

 Substitute fuels




 and much more

 Additional equipment

Attachment ring for 3rd fraction
Feeding unit with feed hopper and belt feeder
Conveyor belts
Electric box with control unit
Remote control
Special paintwork
Weather-/Dust protection canopy
Trommel magnet with chute
Working lights
Shear blade
Inner cage partition

and much more

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