State Secretary Thomas Kralinski makes a detour to Massen

Digitization in medium-sized businesses and a shortage of skilled workers are topics that have been discussed so widely in the meantime that they are perfectly suited for a buzzword bingo. But as abstract as they may seem at times, they are real problems and challenges for many companies.

In order to find out more about these topics, State Secretary Thomas Kralinski made a short stop here a few days ago as part of his “Digital Summer Journey”.

During a guided tour through our production sites Kralinski together with the Member of the State Parliament, Mrs. Barbara Hackenschmidt and the State Secretary Björn Böhning (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) learned about the shortage of skilled workers in our region and the “Gemeinsam Digital” project that was realized in our company in 2018.

For us, the digitization of the steel reception was the first step towards digitization. The aim of the project was to eliminate the use of paper in the steel reception area: by then, employees in the steel reception area had recorded materials, quantities and defects on slips of paper, which naturally caused many problems. As part of the project, members of staff from Brandenburg Technical University analyzed and digitized the processes in the steel acceptance department. Within one year they programmed an app, tested it extensively and also included the suggestions of the employees. As a result, the steel acceptance now works on the tablet. Orders are digitally compared with construction sketches and errors are documented directly on the user interface. Complaints can thus be made on the same day, and every employee has access to the data he needs. This creates transparency and provides predictability for production planning. We have benefited greatly from this project and will gradually digitize other areas, but we are also dependent on the corresponding infrastructure. We were very pleased about the visit and thank you for the listening ear.